Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 17th Sub Instructions

Hi as you can see I am not at school today. Please be good for Ms. Hay. If you are really good you can ask her stories about when she was a grade 8 student and I was across the hall from her math classes.

First item of business. Correct your quiz from last week. Ms Hay will hand out the quizzes. Pass them to a neighbor to mark. The photo below is the quiz with the answers. Make sure you correct this quiz when you get it back. You must show the work and explain what you did wrong. Ask a neighbor if you do not know.

Ms Hay must have your mark by the end of the class. You will receive 0 if you have not given it to her.

Now Part 2. You have homework to do today. You must complete page 6 in the green booklet. The questions deal with order of operations and integers. You also need to do page 51 in your yellow booklet.

  • remember to box off
  • after you box off you only have one integer coming out of each box
  • Pull down the order of operations sign
  • Do not forget the rules when adding and subtracting integers.
You can also do the question a bit differently. You can include the order of operation sign in the box off. A + becomes a (+1) and a - becomes a (-1).
  • box off including the order of operations sign
  • change the order of operations sign to a positive or negative 1
  • do the multiplication inside the box
  • only one integer comes out of the box
  • add the integers that come out of the box.
Mark your quiz then correct your quiz. Please complete all of your homework.

Scribes make sure there are scribes.

Thanks for being such great Sargent Park Students.
This is the Blogger Video It is the same as the Youtube and to be used as a backup.

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