Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday's Math Review Questions

Billy went shopping. He bought a jacket, camera, CD player and a t-shirt. Different tags indicate different discounts. (red = 30% off, blue = 40% off and black = 50% off.)

CD $189.75
T-shirt $15.99
Jacket $175.00
Camera $99.99

Complete the chart from in class. It should have
Item Original Price Percent Discount Sale Price Amount Saved

Round each answer to the nearest cent.

2. Three quarters of the community playground is covered in grass. The parent council has planned to replace one third of the grass with a flower garden. What fraction of the playground will the garden take up?

Use a diagram
Your answer needs to be in simplest form.

3. Ned had 10 chocolate bars and he promised his brother exactly two thirds of the chocolate bars.

How many bars did Ned Give his brother?
Show 2 different ways to get the answer.
Did Neds brother get all whole chocolate bars? EXPLAIN.


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