Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fraction Word Problems

Here are today's word problems.

Fraction word problems

1. There are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for 3/8 of the day. How much time should we spend sleeping?

2. The National History Museum has collected 125 dinosaurs. George has collected 3/5 of this amount. How many dinosaurs has George collected?

3. Mr Murrin is 160cm tall and his brother Tom is 7/8 as tall as him. How tall is Tom?

4. The weather forecaster says that it is 200 C in London but only 7/10 as hot in New York. How hot is it in New York?

5. Skateboards cost £36 each in my local store. The shopkeeper says if I buy one I can buy another for only 7/9 of the normal price. How much would a second skateboard cost?

6. Billy collected 256 conkers but lost ? of them on his way to school through a hole in his bag. When he arrived at school how many conkers did Billy have left?

7. There are 25 pupils in the class, 3/5 of the pupils support Chelsea and the remainder support Arsenal. How many pupils support Arsenal?

8. The local shop normally sells Mars bars for 40 pence. The shopkeeper says I can buy them for 1/4 less than the normal price. How much can I buy a Mars bar for?

9. Last year, Mr Murrin weighed 60 kg. This year he weighs 2/5 more. How much does Mr Murrin weigh this year?

10. McDonalds sell milkshakes in two sizes. A small milkshake contains 300ml and a large milkshake contains 2/3 more.
(i) How much does a large milkshake contain?
(ii) If Mr Murrin drinks 2/3 of a small milkshake and
Miss Hoyne 1/2 of a large milkshake who drinks
the most?

11. Half a can of paint covers 1/3 of a room. How much paint is needed to cover the whole room?

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