Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Field Trip Question

Field trip in Akko_1151
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Room 43 is going on a field trip. The seventh grade class traveled in four separate cars. The school provided a lunch of submarine sandwiches for each group when they stopped for lunch, the subs were cut and shared as follows:

  • The first group had 4 people and shared 3 subs equally.
  • The second group had 5 people and shared 4 subs equally.
  • The third group had 8 people and shared 7 subs equally.
  • The fourth group had 5 people and shared 3 subs equally.

When they returned from the field trip, the children began to argue that the distribution of sandwiches had not been fair, that some children got more to eat than the others. Were they right? Or did everyone get the same amount.

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iced-- said...

wow, this question is really interesting and makes me think =)