Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Geometry Work

We are really flying through the Geometry unit. Here is some extra work you can do to become better mathematicians.

Thank you BBC Skillwise for the links
Area of a Rectangle
  1. Key vocabulary
  2. How to Calculate Area
  3. Online Quiz 1
  4. Online Quiz 2
  5. Online Quiz 3 (may 15th Homework)
Worksheets that will make you think.

Area of a Triangle
  1. Triangle Online Quiz(May 15th Homework)

Area of a Circle
  1. Definition of How to calculate the area of a circle
  2. Quick Online quiz
  3. Pdf worksheet on Circle area

Area of Mixed Shapes
  1. Introduction
  2. Quick online quiz
  3. PDF worksheet on Compound Shapes

All of this moves us towards finding total surface area. Please leave comments behind in the chat box or as comments.

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