Friday, October 20, 2006

Probability Problems

Here are the 4 problems that were presented in class today. Please be able to explain 2 of these to the class. One question must be question 4 and you can choose one of the remaining questions.

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You are playing the �shell� game. In this game, there is object (let�s say a coin) hidden under one of three cups and you have to try and guess which cup it is under. Assuming the game is fair and there are three cups, what is the probability you will guess correctly on the first try?


If you flip a fair coin six times and it comes up heads each time, does this mean that for some reason the probability of getting heads is greater than the probability of getting tails on that particular day?


Isaac thinks of a whole number between one and twenty-four. He then asks his mom to guess what number he is thinking of. Assuming Isaac is not known to have any number preference or predictable pattern to his number picking, what is the probability that his mom will correctly guess what number he is thinking of?


Amber bought a bag containing assorted hard candies from the local corner store. They were on clearance and she got a good deal. All the candies are the same size and shape but they are different colors and flavors. There are five blue ones, two red ones, three purple ones, eleven green ones, and five orange ones. If the bag is shaken really well to mix the candy in the bag, what is the probability that the first candy she pulls out of the bag will not be green?

These Questions are from Ed Helper.


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